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Finding the Yes: Meditation Techniques that Work
April 3rd – Skokie, Illinois

Danette PerryDanette Perry is a licensed social worker and certified mediator and Parent Coordinator. Inspired by the struggles of her own divorce, Danette, and MBA, left the financial realm, fully committing herself to helping families reprioritize divorce in light of what’s best for their children. Danette has facilitated the court system in identifying alternative processes to litigation which are more beneficial for the family. Already an MBA, she founded her own organization, Just Mediation, to provide divorcing couples with a neutral mediator and a process to renegotiate the relationship and plan for their future.

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Schema Therapy: Basics and Beyond
April 23rd & 24th – Skokie, Illinois

Wendy BeharyWendy Behary, LCSW, is the founder and director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The New Jersey Institute for Schema Therapy. She has been treating clients & training professionals for more than 20 years. Wendy has worked with Dr. Jeffrey Young since 1989. She is a distinguished founding fellow and consulting supervisor for The Academy of Cognitive Therapy (Aaron T. Beck Institute). Wendy also served as the President of the Executive Board of the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) from 2010-2014.

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Advanced Clinical Trainers is a premier training company that bridges the gap between the professional world and a general audience making each and every training experience personal, engaging and profoundly meaningful. The goal of Advanced Clinical Trainers is to develop and implement quality continuing educational programs that will have a positive impact and enhance the professional skills of licensed mental health professionals.

Our training’s are personal experiences during which the participant is transformed by the unique combination of cutting-edge insights, the energy of the presenter, and the synergy created through audience interaction. We connect you with top-notch experts who are going to help you achieve your best self, both personally and professionally.

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